Will Cardano be able to Pack a Punch with Pacquiao NFTs?


Boxer-dog-themed NFTs of boxing legend Manny Pacquiao named “Pacman.” will be available soon for minting.  NFTs holders could experience the Pacman Boxing game on the Cardano blockchain and earn rewards. On July 15, 2022, Boxer-dog-themed NFTs of boxing legend Manny Pacquiao named “Pacman” are likely to be open for minting purposes on Cardino Blockchain, the official Twitter handle of pacman4ever gave the information of minting. 

It’s confirmed! Pacman NFT will be released on Cardano! To celebrate this historical moment, we are giving away 3 WL spots. 1⃣️ Like, comment and retweet2⃣️ Tell us why you love the Cardano release 3⃣️ Winners announce in 72hrs!@IOHK_Charles @MannyPacquiao— Pacman4Ever (@ItsPacman4Ever) July 4, 2022
Pacquiao collaborated with Veloce, the UK-based Esport developing company, to build “the pound for pound esports heavyweights of Southeast Asia.” The motive behind creating this team is to want Philippines players to compete with other gamers all over Asia.
Veloce is partnering with the Blockchain gaming industry Animoca Brand leader, who is in active collaboration and investment with many major non-fungible token NFTs, including Axie Infinity, OpenSea and many others. Moreover, Animoca is expanding its technology and is ready to boom in the metaverse industry.  
Veloce officials, in their statement, mentioned that “Last year, we approached Manny Pacquiao and his team, with the proposition of joining forces to create something that’s never been done before within Southeast Asia and the Philippines,” Ryan Tveter, chief development officer at Veloce, said in a recorded message. “Something that tells the story of Manny’s life, of inspiring a nation, giving back so generously to those in need, and accomplishing so much in the ring as an 8-division world champion boxer.”
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Its name is in the memories of Dog of Pacquiao’s Jack Russell Pacman, who died in 2020 in a car accident. The system comprises 9,999 algorithmically NFTs, including graphic and competency-based features like strength and stamina. 
Officials stated that NFTs holders could experience the Pacman Boxing game on the Cardano blockchain and earn rewards with it. Pacquiao launched its authorized NFTs services in June 2021 on the Ethernity chain. 
The upcoming era of the gaming industry is shifting toward more digitalization and advancement of metaverse technology. It is believed that in the coming years till 2025 gaming industry will generate total revenue of $1412.6 million. It is also thought that there will be a sharp hike in the number of users in the gaming industry in the upcoming time.     
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